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Fundraising – Corona Support for Rural India

Now that we know that the effects of the pandemic are going to have large scale effects, I have been thinking on how to get some help. I have been speaking to the people I know and thought it would be a good idea to chip in and try to raise some funds.

I wrote my last post reflecting on the problem here, and now I have setup a dedicated page to raise funds that could reach the rural poor in India through my network.
PayPal Pool link: 
Details here:

Please read the above page I have setup to get a sense of how cash is the best way to help and how these funds aim to bridge the gap and strengthen existing efforts that the local community workers are already doing.

It is also a good way for those who research in the development or humanitarian sector to reach out to those who we interview, gain knowledge and insight for, and write papers and further our work and careers to join in and follow suit. I highly encourage all researchers and professional aid workers with the means, to send money either to my pool or to their existing network of people.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions by email or through comments.

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