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I am fascinated by technology and social change. I like to look at the things that do not get attention. I aspire to be a multi-disciplinary technologist, trying to develop my understanding of how we use, design and work with technologies in our lives. I have worked/lived in the (grassroots) development sector in flood zone of India-Nepal border (Indian side) in the past and now I try to develop my understanding of dignity and accountability. On this personal blog I discuss my ideas and personal opinions on things that interest me.

In some of my talks, I draw upon my experience and share my lessons.

I am also interested in understanding and helping people working in the areas of integration, internationalisation and inclusiveness in organisations.

You can take a look at my online CV here, the list of my talks, projects and publications to understand my previous work. If you have anything interesting that we could work together on, feel free to drop me a line.

Copyright: All posts here are © Ajay Kumar (me) and unless otherwise specified.

Disclaimer: All views expressed on this website are that of my own and they do not represent the views of the organisations I am affiliated to. For any questions/clarifications, please feel free to write to me.

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