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The effect of the pandemic is still taking roots in India but the most underprivileged are already facing a humanitarian crisis. A larger number of the rural population depends on daily wages and manual labour work. Many of them also immigrate to bigger cities to work and send back money for the upkeep of their families in the villages. While the development sector in India has been working, there are many gaps that still exceed in this time and the need remains.

Since I have been involved in this area from over a decade now, I have been in touch with some of the local community aid workers and community leaders who are closer to the problem. They have already been working and recently one of them shared the following problems.

Bundled Aid Packages of Items is not really helpful

We have seen many pictures of relief being handed over to poor people. Things that have set of some grains, spices, oil etc. As we know after a point this becomes a pointless exercise. People really should be able to eat what they want not what they are given. The markets are open, the government ration packages are not enough either.

Women household workload has increased

Since people are jobless, the men and the kids stay home. As a result, the family size has increased because the migrant labourers are back home. The cooking workload for women have increased.

Increase in Domestic violence against women & kids

This is a no-brainer; this conversation has been happening worldwide. Calls for mental health and well-being and risk of being stuck with an abusive partner are not something we aren’t aware of. This is obviously happening among rural households and people are trying to work on this issue as well in all possible ways.

Solution, Goals and Approach

Cash is the best and the idea form of dignified aid. Many agencies are not able to allocate funds for this specific purpose and there are restrictions on the way they can help those affected. The goal of this fund would be to add this level of flexibility and provide it directly to the community workers who can get the money to those most in need.

Some of the ideas we are exploring are:

  1. Setting up community kitchen, where men, women can come together and organise the groceries and cooking by sharing the work load among each other.
  2. Ensuring the kids have access to reading and playing materials during these times.
  3. Women’s health, hygiene and safety.


My network exists in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. These are people who I have worked with over the years or have interviewed as part of my PhD research. Many aid workers and researchers like me maintain contact with those who we meet during our work and keep in touch. This is based on mutual respect, admiration and trust between each one of us. So, I will try to reach out to those and see how best the money can be sent for the communities. They already have their own way of keeping in touch with affected communities and ways of mutual aid. This assistance will help provide some extra support to strengthen their ongoing work.
Look at news from:

  1. Bihar
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Jharkhand
  4. Rajasthan

How you can help?

The only way we are looking for support is donations. All money will be sent directly to the affected communities without any middlemen (except the bank transfer charges).

Link to PayPal: (you can Pay As a Guest using credit card as well)

If you would like to make a bank transfer using your EUR, USD, GBP account for those based in US/UK, please email me and I shall send you the bank details.)

If you are based in India, please contact me directly and not send money by Paypal and I will connect you with people directly.

For people who are not familiar with the aid sector, and why cash is the best way this article maybe able to shed some light.


  • Please note, this is to be considered a private/personal donation without any tax benefit.
  • Please note, that I will do my best in my individual capacity to ensure the money reaches those in need based on the judgment of the local aid workers.
  • There won’t be any publicly posted pictures of poor people receiving our help so that we can feel grateful.
  • If you really need proof that your money is being used for good, we can try to connect you to the community aid workers and have a direct video call. In no way we are going to make the poor people feel miserable by making them an object of our charity.
  • If you have any doubts, you should find a formal organisation and try to send them money directly. This is initiative is supposed to be outside the usual system of aid delivery for a reason.
  • Please also note, all money that I receive will be sent out. There is no money that I will use for anything from this pool. My time, effort and resources to organise this are at my personal expense.


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Signal/WhatsApp: +49-173-662-5810

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