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Sahana’s Response to Bihar Floods

The Sahana team is currently working on setting up custom deployments as per the requirements specific for the Bihar floods. Currently, we are working on Translating Sahana to Hindi, that could be used in the deployment.  As you might have heard there are about 1-2 million people who have been affected by the Bihar disaster. A team in Kolkata (Calcutta) has just been initiated for the deployment effort.
If you wish to join us and contribute to this response effort please select the appropriate communication channel:

Communication Channels to be followed in case you are willing to contribute:

  1. Join the Localization Group for Sahana @ Google Groups for any communications and updates!
    All translation related discussions go on the localization mailing list. [An important update on collaboration has been posted there for people working on the Hindi translation. So please join & check. Update: This thread]
  2. For people using Sahana and working on it, for issues relating to generic Sahana installation etc and usage can join and post to this mailing list. We have a wider range of support available here.
  3. In case you wish to work on the Bihar relief work going on you should co-ordinate with the Group Dedicated here: Sahana Bihar Google Group
    Please note your credentials will be verified by the group to ensure that information here is not misused. In case your a new person and wish to help with translation ONLY join the first group, in case you want to contribute with the Sahana development, join the developers mailing list instead mentioned below in the links section. Update: Its seems lot of people trying to work on the translation and are joining this list instead. :-) Please do not join this list. That is for the team and people who are working with the Government agencies @ Bihar scenario, NGOs, Sahana developers etc. I understand you wish to help, and hence request to join the appropriate channels of communication! :-)

Update: The Sahana deployment team in Kolkata met with the Government@Bihar, and demoed Sahana. They will be using Sahana for:

  • tracking the relief camps
  • tracking the NGOs supporting operations
  • tracking the relief material flow

The team will now, customize Sahana as per the needs and deploy it at government sites to help them manage the relief work.

PS: Sahana currently has no Indic translations and Hindi was just started. I request the Indic translation community to take a look into Sahana and start with the contributions.

For translating Sahana into Hindi and/or other Indian languages you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up/Register on [Pootle Server]
  2. Activate your account.
  3. For Hindi:
  4. Login to the site. Go under “My Account”.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on “Change Options”.
  6. Scroll down to “My Languages” and Select “Hindi”.
  7. Click on “Save” changes.
  8. Clicking on “Home” should list Hindi in the Quick Links.
  9. Click on that link and then click the “sahana.po” “sahana-section-XX.po” , XX being the part number of the split files. [now we have split the file in parts so that contributors don’t work on same words. Tip: Start from the part whose translation stats is low or not started yet]
  10. Existing translators working on it might need to click on “Show Goals” to see files assigned to them. First finish those files and then you can move on with the other files which are not worked upon by others.
  11. You will see words in English on the left, and on the right the current translations, if at all.
    Sahana Translation Web Interface
    Sahana Translation Web Interface
  12. You can hover your mouse to click the “Edit” button for a particular set of strings and click “Suggest” after you have typed/pasted the translated text.
  13. For other languages, if you see them in the list just select them. Or in case it is not listed, and you want to volunteer to maintain the translation to completion :-) you can email the translation site admin. Email ID mentioned there.

The language maintainers will check your suggestions and approve it for inclusion automatically when they login. So keep suggesting! I am trying to push it to completion in 2-3 days!

08th September 2008 Update: Progress made so far on the Hindi translation 34%.

PS: Pootle is a tool for collaborative translation, and doing the translation offline without coordinating to other translators is not quite the way of collaboration. That’s why it is not specially supported by Pootle. So please make contributions online using the web application/Pootle application instead of downloading the PO file and making changes locally and sending to the list.

Tips for speeding up translation:

  • In case your a Gtalk/Jabber user. Add the following user: and see the magic :-)
    Google Talk Bot for English to Hindi Translation
    Google Talk Bot for English to Hindi Translation
  • Just copy paste the text there. And use your heads to see whats best for the translation.
  • You could also use the Google Indic Transliteration Engine located here

For people who are new to Sahana, some information:

Feel free to ping me in case you need any help with this!

Lets Code for Sahana :-)

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