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Don’t go to India or Visit Indigenous Communities and Risk Killing them with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

First things first, India has approximately 70% rural population living in the villages, and yes India is the second largest populous country in the world, next to China. Now China has been able to mitigate the response efforts and apparently been able to flatten the curve.

Sitting in Germany, and looking through the posts on Embassy Facebook groups and hearing news from travellers coming in and out of India has got me worried.

Everyone knows the reality of health system and response when it comes to the poor. Consider them as indigenous people who are closer to nature and work towards preserving their own way of life. Why would you actively want to kill them?

I know we are a country where we like to have a lot of poor people to serve us as maids, laundry waala and chotu for pretty anything. From your Chaiwaala at the lunch time outside your IT Corporate office, to the Momo-Waala somewhere in Delhi. You will infect them and they will not be able to afford to get access to healthcare or get tested in time.

Then it will reach their family members and slowly travel to the villages.

You will be complicit in mass genocide.

It is common sense that the disease is coming from “outside”. So if you are “outside” stay where you are, and do not move. Social Distancing and Isolation.

Don’t take that flight to India and take the disease with you.

Airports and Air-planes are a germ-o-phobe’s nightmare. [Read this & this]

So it does not really matter how you feel about this. If you really do not have an emergency, do not go. I don’t really mind if you want to kill yourself. But being ignorant and spreading this to infect others is equivalent to mass murder.

Some people have deliberately tried to trick the people responsible for public safety at borders and checks. They run away from quarantine, show different passports or hide their travel history, just because they want to be home and not in a quarantine. You know you should be booked for possible murder and sent to jail.

I was happy to hear that Andaman & Nicobar Islands closed off, and I hope soon enough. Thanks to the proactive measure taken by the Tribal Welfare department who took the welfare of the residents of the island as a top priority.

We know that local villages, districts and other smaller parts of our country do not have the capacity to isolate themselves from the outer world. The outer world, which prides itself in being the educated elites of India needs to really act civilised, responsible and not mass murderers.

Indigenous communities in Australia have already rang the alarm bell on outsiders visiting them. When will Indians do it?

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