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Important Information translated from City of Münster site:

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If you have symptoms call +49-251-492-5301– the competent authority directly – i.e. The Amt für Gesundheit, Veterinär- und Lebensmittelangelegenheiten, Stadt Münster.
City of Münster information phone-line for general information & consultation: +49-251-492-1077.
Loss of earnings regulation Sections 56 – 58 of the Infection Protection Act contain regulations on compensation for loss of earnings as a result of measures to combat infectious diseases. This can also include loss of earnings in connection with the corona virus. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the landscape associations are the authorities responsible for inquiries or the processing of such compensation applications. For Münster, this is the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). Below is the link to the homepage of the LWL with further information and contact details on this topic: Information on compensation (in German)
#16 – March 17, 2020 – 103 confirmed cases of infection in the city of Münster. In the evening, four sick people are considered to have recovered. The city administration announces further measures to ensure the operation.
#15 – March 16, 2020: 90 confirmed cases of infection in the city of Münster. 2 patients are considered to have recovered. A general decision is passed.
#14 – March 15, 2020: As of 09:00, 56 confirmed infections of people residing in Münster.
#13 March 14, 2020: As of 15:00. there are now a total of 43 confirmed cases of infection residing in Münster. The city’s crisis team makes decisions about the care of daycare and school children. Events and cultural institutions are also closed as a preventive measure to further limit the spread of the coronavirus.
#12 March 13, 2020: As of 15:00 o’clock there are a total of 29 confirmed cases of infection residing in Münster. Dance and club events are now banned, as are city events. According to NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet, all schools and day care centers in North Rhine-Westphalia will be closed until Easter.
#11 March 12, 2020: As of 3:30 p.m., there are now a total of 16 laboratory-confirmed infections in people residing in Münster. The infection chains cannot be reliably traced back in all cases.
#10 March 11, 2020: There are two new confirmed infections in the city of Münster. This increases the number to eight people affected. In addition to a man (born in 1972) with clear contact to the ski vacationer who tested positive the previous day, there is now also a positive test for a child. As a result of this new infection within a family in Münster, four facilities are closed as a precaution: the two daycare centers St. Bernhard and Paul-Schneider-Haus (Im Drostenbusch) as well as the Margaretenschule and the Mathilde-Anneke comprehensive school. Further tests will follow.
#7 March 8, 2020: All six people (suspected cases) of the local South Tyrol trips tested at the UKM are negative, i.e. not infected. In the meantime, a 44-year-old man living in Münster has tested positive. He and his family are fine, they remain in quarantine.
#6 March 7, 2020: On late Friday evening, around 200 young people from three schools in Münster returned from their skiing holidays in South Tyrol – recently declared a risk area. They were received by the city administration and fire brigade. A total of six suspected cases were identified and given short-term appointments for diagnostics in the UKM. All measures serve prevention.
#5 March 6, 2020: The situation in Münster is extremely stable. There remain four infected people who also live in Münster. In the past few days, five other cases of infection in the city have been diagnosed, they have been released to their homes and are cared for by the local authorities.
#4 March 5: There are another six infections with the corona virus, at least confirmed in Münster: four students from the Marienschule were tested positive, as was a girl who attended the Outlaw daycare center in Hiltrup. Both facilities were closed as a precaution. A woman from the Coesfeld district has also tested positive and works at the LWL in Münster.
#3 March 3, 2020: A young teacher from Münster got infected with the virus. Her health is good. With her partner, she is housed in quarantine. The daycare was closed as a precaution.
#2 March 3, 2020: A 49-year-old man from the Coesfeld district tested positive on Tuesday (March 3) in an examination at the Clemens Hospital. He is symptom-free and is now in quarantine at home in the Coesfeld district.
#1 February 29, 2020: A 51-year-old man tested positive for the corona virus after a two-week holiday in Iran on Saturday. He is in good health, he has quarantined at home with his wife.

Information from the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany Corona info-website.

City of Münster information phone-line: 0251-492-1077.

Important Information Translated from City of Münster site:

The city of Münster has set up its own hotline for information on the subject of coronavirus. City administration employees answer questions from citizens on telephone number (0251) 492-1077. The callers are sent an announcement with the current position in the queue. There is an announcement outside of the personal consultation hours.
Consultation times:
Monday to Wednesday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
For the deaf: Fax (0251) 492-7927 Info phone
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Information from the City of Münster

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  2. Robert Koch Institute –

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