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How the aid sector fails the local aid worker 29.06.2020 READ MORE Fundraising - Corona Support for Rural India 27.06.2020 READ MORE Dignity in Receiving Aid in times of COVID--19 07.05.2020 READ MORE 5 Rules to consider as a technologist & help in a Crisis 23.04.2020 READ MORE Don't go to India or Visit Indigenous Communities and Risk Killing them with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 20.03.2020 READ MORE Self-Quarantine from Information Overload in the Age of Panic & Fear 14.03.2020 READ MORE Voluntourism is evil - but parents are to blame 24.02.2020 READ MORE Top tips on building a career in aid and development 12.02.2020 READ MORE Too Scared to Dive into Data 13.05.2018 READ MORE A conversation on dignity at a refugee home 14.06.2017 READ MORE We need plastic bans in villages to protect our agricultural infrastructure 02.06.2017 READ MORE Questioning technology and its implementation 07.04.2015 READ MORE Uttarakhand Government's Operation Connect and How can you help! 15.07.2013 READ MORE PowerCutsIN: A video interview I did in Karcha Village 04.02.2012 READ MORE What do you need the most? Knowledge and Education. 04.08.2011 READ MORE TEDxShekhavati - Bhawri Devi & Mishri Devi - The Illiterate Entrepreneurs 08.04.2011 READ MORE Celebrating the Rural Spirit - TEDxShekhavati 2011: Think Ahead 02.02.2011 READ MORE Sahana's Response to Bihar Floods 02.09.2008 READ MORE

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